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Rani Rising

Reclaim your roots.

Awaken your relationships.

Nurture your wellbeing.

Ignite your inner fire.

**Hi queen, welcome to Rani Rising!**

Are you ready to go on a journey

towards becoming the best version of yourself?

Join us in community, a group of amazing South Asian women,

because you want to be a part of a group that are redefining what genuine sisterhood,

without the cultural competition,

while inspiring each other

to unlock the fire within & live courageously!

**Who We Are**

Inspired by the powerful symbolism of the "phoenix rising,"

Rani Rising is dedicated to the rise of South Asian Queens (rani),

breaking traditional cultural norms.

We embrace change & uncertainty.

Rani Rising illustrates the ability to emerge wiser from life experiences.

As a community, we cultivate values of

presence, peace & possibility.

Rani Rising is more than just a WhatsApp group;

it's a community of like-minded Ranis who believe in the power of community,

that the past does not define you, and that you can rise empowered and wiser

after every challenge that comes your way.

**Our Dharma**

✨ **Phoenix Rising:** Embrace change and growth as opportunities for personal ​transformation, just like the phoenix's rebirth from the flames.

✨ **Peace:** Cultivate an environment of harmony & understanding, where empathy ​& compassion are the guiding principles.

✨ **Presence:** Learn to live in the moment, savoring life's simple joys, and connecting ​deeply with ourselves and others.

✨ **Possibility:** Ignite the sparks of inspiration, sharing ideas, knowledge, and ​experiences that help us reach our fullest potential.

**This is for you if:**

🤎You are currently feel isolated, overwhelmed and

don't have a community on a similar path as you

🤎You feel like you've been keeping your worlds separate

(Indian vs American, home life vs work life, etc)

🤎You feel the cultural pressure of timelines and expectations.

🤎You focus on being the best & perfect in many areas of life

🤎You feel guilt & shame for wanting to live YOUR life,

and honestly just want to be happy!

And you are looking to be in community with

other like-minded bad-ass brown women who:

❤️‍🔥Wanna see you WIN

❤️‍🔥Learn ways to create peace amongst the chaos

❤️‍🔥Break cultural patterns, together

Then join Rani Rising because my dharma (life’s purpose) is to help

South Asian women like you connect to your roots, relationships, wellbeing,

and inner fire, so that you feel the magic in your everyday life.

This community centers South Asian Ranis,

though Queens of all walks of life & cultures who want to take

a leap of faith & start a new chapter are welcome to join us.

Join us on writing your next adventure that is full of joy, fulfillment,

growth, community, limitless possibility and

positive impact on our lives & the world.

Your next chapter begins now.

*Together, we rise.*

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I moved to India!

I got rid of my stuff, moved out of my place and

started the next chapter of my life!

It's been *19* years since I've been

to my motherland of India.

This isn't a vacation - this is WAY bigger,

this is a dharma (purpose) journey.

Even though I have no idea what this next chapter has in ​store for me and I have zero plans....

I'm letting the land & my ancestors guide me,

while leaning into deeper trust & surrender.

Join my email list because then you'll get Love Letters while ​on my travels, stay connected & be inspired!

👑 Watch this Rani Rise up from the ashes,

and be inspired to rise up too!❤️‍🔥

Follow my journey

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Guided Chakra Meditation

This is an opportunity for you, as a caretaker, empath & over-giver, to rest & restore yourself, fill up your cup

SO THAT you can give to others from your overflow,

not an empty well!

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Upcoming Events

Rani Rising Retreat

INDIA Winter ​2​024

❤️‍🔥 Let's celebrate the power of South A​sian queens coming to reclaim their roo​ts & reconnect to their an​c​estral wisdom & lands.

Jo​in waitlist now!

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Tune in to hear my story, be empowered & learn

With embodied truth,


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About Your Guide:

Hi beautiful! I'm Mohini.

That rhymes with kundalini, bikini, tahini, fettuccine, linguine.

Ya know, all the yummies!

Mohini in Hindi means Enchantress. ((cue all the "ooohhs" & "aahhhs"))

I'm first generation Indian American, daughter of an educator & healer.

From the outside looking in, I had it all, including the degrees, house, relationship, career, travel, etc.

I eventually realized that I wasn't living MY life,

I was living a life based off others expectations of me.

This is how my awakening began & How I am reclaiming control to rise up, into my juiciest most magical life, on MY terms.

Culture & society teach us to seek for answers, love & approval externally.

It’s the external achievements that we strive for.

We’re often not taught to go internally &

instead we become numb, robots, silenced and/or suppressed.

Confidence, celebration, self trust & wellness are often seen as

luxury or a nice to have.

Then we wonder why we feel empty inside...

That’s why I feel my dharma is to help other women with South Asian roots to reclaim, awaken, nurture and ignite!

So if you are ready to step into your next chapter, let’s connect!

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Work with Mohini 1:1

Hey Rani, It's your time to rise!

You and me, together for 3 whole months.

Customized support for whatever chapter

of life you’re moving through!

Are you ready to create positive change?

Unlock your full potential & open your heart to the possibilities that await you.

Dive into a transformational 3-month 1:1 coaching program designed to empower you to overcome challenges, break through barriers, and cultivate lasting change in every area of your life.

This will guide you towards a life filled with purpose, joy & fulfillment.

You will be guided using my R.A.N.I. Framework:

Reclaim your roots

Awaken your relationships

Nurture your wellbeing

Ignite your inner fire!

What's awaits you:

1. Reclaim Your Roots:

Experience the power when you tune within to your ancestral wisdom. Learn how to break limiting traditional cultural cycles.

2. Awaken Your Relationships:

Illuminate your relationships with the glow of authenticity and compassion. Learn to communicate from the heart, fostering connections that are deep, meaningful, and soul-nourishing.

3. Nurture Your Wellbeing:

Tend to a deep sense of self-love, compassion and wellbeing. Embrace your authenticity, releasing the need for perfection and allowing yourself to shine in all your beautiful wholeness.

4. Ignite Your Inner Fire:

Co-create a vision for your life and bring it to life. Together, we'll infuse your goals with heart and soul, making every step of the journey a celebration of your unique essence. You will learn how to transform challenges into opportunities for growth, creating a compassionate heart that beats with unwavering inner fire.


- Weekly Heart-to-Heart Sessions:

Immerse yourself in weekly coaching sessions that ​go beyond the surface, delving into the depths of ​your heart's desires. Each session is a sacred space ​for your personal growth and transformation.

- Endless Heartfelt Support:

Between sessions, feel the love and encouragement ​with support. Share your joys, explore your ​challenges, and let the heart-centered guidance ​continue to illuminate your path.

- Bespoke Heart Plans:

Craft personalized action plans infused with love ​and intention. and make your goals into manageable ​steps. Watch as your dreams unfold, guided by the ​beat of your heart and the wisdom of your inner ​self.

- Heart-Crafted Resources:

Access a wealth of resources curated to resonate ​with your heart's journey—practices, affirmations, ​and exercises designed to nourish your soul to ​complement your journey and accelerate your ​growth.

Congrats, you're one step closer to the next levels ​of your journey!


$6000usd Pay in full or 3 payments of $3000usd for ​2 months of support

Your Heart's Journey Begins Now!

Invest in yourself and embark on a journey of self-​discovery, growth, and success.

Embrace the whisper of your heart calling you ​towards a life of profound meaning and connection.

Limited spaces are available for this soulful

3-month 1:1 coaching journey.

Open your heart and apply now below and

let the magic of heart-centered coaching begin.

Note: Your journey is unique, and the results are a reflection of the love & ​commitment we both bring to the process.

Coaching is a collaborative process, and individual outcomes are ​influenced by various factors, including commitment & effort.

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